※Expected to take 4~7 days.


Please confirm room vacancy information by inquiry form or telephone.


We require you to see the Guest House before applying. Please inform us in advance when and what time you'd like to come and see the room.
If you live far away from Tokyo region or live abroad, viewing is not required so you can start applying.

Viewing/Visitation Hours: 10:00~17:00
※ If you wish to visit out of our business hours above, please contact us.
※ Depending on the guest houses, days for visitation may differ. Please contact us about details.

  1. Not until you submit an application form, can we hold a room for you. Also, please note that if there is any other customer who applies ahead of you, we might stop advertising the room.
  2. If there is no vacant room on the day of your visit, only observable place in the building is the community area.

3.Application・Check of eligibility to stay.

  • 1. Application form for moving in
  • 2. Identification card (for contractor as well as all tenants)
    ※Foreigners are required to submit passports and visas to certify that they are eligible to stay in Japan.

After you submit all necessary documents, we will check if you are eligible to move in. Although there is a small chance of refusal as a result of the inspection, please note that we will not be able to describe the content of the check at all.


1. Contract paper

If you pass the inspection, we will send you a contract.
Please complete the contract and especially make sure that if it is signed and send it back to us.

2. Payment

Please select your choice of payment from the following options.

A.Bank transfer
Please make a payment to TOHTO’s bank account by the due day. Bank transfer fee is the responsibility for the customer.
B.Credit card
C.Cash payment
If you are moving in from any foreign country, or if you are a foreigner who lives in Japan and has no bank account which is available in Japan, we accept cash. Please bring the amount of your contract money when you move in. Please make sure that we don’t accept cash payment from Japanese who lives in Japan now.
≪Payment during your stay≫

Regarding the way of payment during your stay, you can select your choice from the following options.

a.Combini payment ( Cash payment at convenience store)
Around 25th every month, we give you a payment slip which you can use at any convenience stores for the rent payment. Please bring the payment slip and cash to any convenience store to make a payment. The rent of the month should be paid in advance by the last day of the previous month.
b.Credit card
TOHTO charges the rent to your credit card every end of month. The rent of each month is charged in advance by last day of the previous month.
c.Bank transfer
Please make a payment to TOHTO’s bank account. The rent of each month should be paid in advance by last day of the previous month. Bank transfer fee is the responsibility for the customer.

※ You can change the way of payment during your stay.


Please let us know in advance what time you'd like to come to move in.
We will give you the key and explain rules in the Guest House.
If you come from abroad, we will ask you to sign the contracts and complete the payment if paying cash.
If you are already in Japan and have not completed the contracts or payment, we may ask you to postpone your move-in date.

Moving-in time: 10:00~17:00
※ If you wish to move in out of designated time above due to unavoidable difficulty such as a changed flight schedule, please contact us, and we will try to arrange more suitable time for you.

If you wish to move in outside of our business hour above due to an unavoidable difficutly such as flight delay, please contact us. We will try to arrange your move-in time.


We will inspect the condition of your room, before you move out. Please inform us a week advance of the date that you would like us to check around.

Room inspection hours: 10:00~17:00
※ Final inspection will take place with our staff before or on the day which your contract ends. All personal belongings should have been moved out of the room for inspection.

If there are any personal belongings or garbage remaining in the room, or if we discover any damage or loss of company’s belongings, we will charge you for restocking products, repairing items, restoring the room, or disposing of garbage.