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Shakujiidai *Life with Green*

120%NEW!!!share house is being build now!!Does anyone want to live in quite new share house with new furniture!?You can meet your new share mate who wants to be your new friend:)Nothing better then spend your weekend with nice people in verrrry big and cozy living room!Let's take it easy, it's ok just hanging out at living room,,,that is your HOME.We are sure you can enjoy your time in this NEW share house ! :) 13 private rooms and 6 dormitory rooms in this guest house.Everything quite NEW,furniture,eating irons,even your room,you are the very first person who use all stuff in your room:) Can get on the bus to Kichijoji from the bus stop near from the share house!!


17min walk from Musashiseki sta. on SeibuShinjuku line. 20min walk from Oizumi gakuen sta. on SeibuIkebukuro line. 21min by bus from Kichijozi sta. on JR Chuo line and 3min walk from nearest bus stop called Nishimura.